Emraan Hashmi Excited To Item Number With Sunny Leone

Emraan Hashmi will be starring in  'Badshaho' soon . Important thing is that he is in the film Baby Doll, putting jive to the beats in a song with Sunny Leone will appear. Yes, in the film are two item numbers. Will shoot the song in Mumbai or Rajasthan.

Imran said, "Sunny is quite good, with songs recorded. This song is also good and the concept of the song is thought Milan and choreographer saw him then that it would be a hit song.

Badshaho directing union are Lutharia. Ajay Devgan's powerful pair in the film will be seen with Imran.The two 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbai appeared. The film was a box office demonstrated.

The film, to be released on March 10 next year, "Badshaho 'will have plenty of entertainment for visitors.

Emraan Hashmi Excited About Baadshaho

Emraan Hashmi says that for her next film, Badshaho 're excited. The film will have Ajay Devgan. Milan will be directed Lutharia. The two earlier 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbai' had worked.

Emraan said: "I am looking forward to be part of this project. Milan and Ajay in the film as well as the opportunity to work with Ileana Dikruj. I still have not worked with Ileana. That's good too. " Imran 'Dubai N Akspriyns "were present at the book launch event.Recently Emraan Hashmi 'Badshaho' has replaced the Diljit Dosanjh. The film is a historical fiction. Emergency is the backdrop. Ileana film with Ajay and Esha Gupta and electrical Jamwal icons, too.

Emraan Hashmi's next film, "Raaz reboot 'will. This "Raaz" part of the series. The film will be released on September 16. Is directed by Vikram Bhatt.

South actress in the film with Imran are Krbanda Kirti. Gaurav Arora with icons, too. Imran's previous released, "Azhar said.

Shivaay Shelved Due To Budget Issues

Ajay Devgan his first home production film 'Shivaya' was happy to hear that coming but his film was put into cold storage. He recently went to Canada to shoot the film, but they're there because of the lack of snow has returned without shooting.

According to reports, the shooting has been postponed until October. As a result, he Visibile "and" emperors "have signed. Ajay can soon start shooting the two films. 'Visibile directed Nishikant Kmath while the Kings will be directed by Milan Luthria.

Some sources also say that the "Shivaay" has been postponed indefinitely and that they should be put into cold storage. According to the source, "except a big budget movie and 8-9 million already has been spent on its research. So Ajay movie to start feeling that they are unsure over budget on the film can be. Ajay Devgn and producer Krishika Lulla spokesperson remained unavailable for comment.

Shruti Haasan Opts Out Of Baadshaho

Actress Shruti Haasan's recent releases are Welcome Back. The news that she Lutharia Milin's "Badshaho 'are out. Ajay Devgan in the film was working with them. Because the film is said to be the change in their character.

The source said, "Shruti and some meetings took place between the union. Shruti was happy with the script. He also liked his role. Shruti allegedly gave her consent for the film. But it was also the first to sign the final script would like to see that movie.
The informant said, "Shruti told the whole story, then later it had changed considerably. Shruti did not hear it the first time they were seeing things. Or he himself was eager to work with the union. "

He said all these things to be just right, given the confines of the film Shruti. Never again in the hope that the opportunity to work with Ajay and Milan will Shruti.


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